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Teaching Django to Comrades

A Talk presented by Issac Kelly


Thursday, September 8th 1:30 p.m.–2:10 p.m.




Inevitably you're going to run into somebody who wants to learn Django, or maybe both Python and Django. This talk will help you make it less painful for them.


20 Months ago, Issac started learning Django and Python on his own. He got miserably stuck and did lots of things poorly. With a load of help from the community, 6 months later he was competent, and confident enough to use Django for his clients.

Later that year, his company hired it's first employee, who also, didn't previously know Python or Django, and this summer, they hired an intern... who knew some python, and no Django.

Come see what we did to accelerate the process of going from 0 to $ in Django.