Ready. Set. Code!


The Djangocon sprints are a time where people who normally live around the world and collaborate over irc and mailing lists, come to one place to work together in person. While most people will be working on the Django code base, lots of others will be working on related projects (Pinax, South, Armstrong, etc) or they'll be working on tasks to support Django as a project (documentation, ticket triage, promotion). Regardless of your experience level the sprints are a great opportunity to collaborate, learn, and give something back to the community.


The sprint kick-off will be the last session of the main conference on Thursday afternoon.

The sprints themselves will happen Friday and Saturday, September 9th and 10th, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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The sprints are a fairly informal event. There is no registration required to attend the sprints. As the last session of the main conference, we'll be having a sprints kick-off. During this session leaders for the various projects and efforts that will be worked on during the sprints will be asked to give a quick intro to the project and a quick overview of how best people can contribute. During the sprints themselves, it's mostly a matter of showing up at the venue, introducing yourself to the people you'd like to work with, and then getting down to work. If you have any questions or run into any problems feel free to talk to one of the organizers who will be around or simply ask the person you end up sitting next to.


The sprints are an open event where everybody is welcome, even if you didn't attend the main conference.


This year's sprints couldn't happen without the generosity of this year's sprint sponsors:

Urban Airship Google The Open Bastion