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Making interactive maps for the web

A Talk presented by Zain Memon


Thursday, September 8th 4:20 p.m.–5 p.m.




When tasked with displaying geo-data, most developers decide to put some big red markers on an embeddable Google Map and call it a day. If you're interested in creating maps that are more beautiful, more interactive, and more usable, this talk is for you.


This talk is a technical deep-dive into the technology behind Trulia's crime maps: a database with 50 million crime incidents, an app layer that generated hundreds of thousands of map tiles, and a front-end to make it interactive.

Each piece of the talk is instructive, aimed at arming devs who have a casual interest in GIS with the tools they need to make sexy maps. Specifically:

  • Best practices for storing geodata in PostgreSQL
  • Running geo-queries with GeoDjango
  • Creating map tiles with TileStache
  • Styling maps with Polymaps

No prior experience with GIS is required, though running through the GeoDjango intro tutorial would be helpful.