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Real world Django deployment using Chef

A Talk presented by Noah Kantrowitz


Wednesday, September 7th 1:30 p.m.–2:10 p.m.




Chef, a popular configuration management tool, is gaining momentum in the Django community. Learn how to deploy Django sites using Chef, be they one server or a thousand.


Chef, a configuration management tool, is increasingly popular in the Django community. Many people have yet to take the plunge, and are still managing production systems exclusively through tools like Fabric or Buildout. In this talk I will quickly show the basics of building Chef recipes, both in general and a tour of the Django-and-Python-specific tools available. I will then walk through a suite of cookbooks built to deploy Packaginator as a production site in the cloud. If suitable wireless is available, I would like to do a live demonstration at the end, bringing up a new site from scratch.


(The outline is currently not displaying correctly due to the CSS on the page. The issue has been reported to Djangocon. Please look at the Creole source for now to see the nesting)

  • Introduction
    • Chef basics
      • Resources
      • Actions
      • Recipes
      • Cookbooks
      • Roles
      • Search
    • Python cookbook
      • Community site/cookbooks
      • pip provider
      • virtualenv provider
    • Django application recipe
    • Other misc cookbooks
      • Postgres
      • Redis
  • Packaginator cookbooks
    • Application recipe
    • Postgres master/slave
    • Gunicorn
    • Nginx
    • HAProxy
    • Redis
    • Celery
  • Demo (pending wireless)
  • Q&A