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A Summer in the Wild

A Talk presented by Alex Gaynor


Tuesday, September 6th 4:20 p.m.–5 p.m.




I've spent this past summer away from Django, working for Quora, venturing into the depths of a foreign codebase, and making it faster by running on PyPy. This talk will feature the lessons I've learned about Django, PyPy, and web development in general.


This talk is going to cover some pretty eclectic ground. Some of the stuff I'm going to talk about includes:

  • Making stuff run on PyPy
  • Profiling and benchmarking a webapp
  • Stuff I missed when I wasn't using Django
  • Tools every Pythonista must be using
  • Good ideas from Quora that Django should steal
  • Learning a giant codebase on the quick
  • Process is no substitute for good process