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Django Hosting Panel

A Talk presented by Sean O'Connor


Tuesday, September 6th 1:30 p.m.–2:10 p.m.




Over the last year there's a been a whole new crop of specialized hosting platforms for Django applications. In this panel, we speak to a number of the people behind these new platforms to discuss what benefits they offer, what challenges they face, and what the Django project/community can do to encourage their growth.


This is a moderated discussion among a variety of new, specialized, Django hosting providers. Each participant will be given an opportunity to provide a brief overview of their offering and what benefits it provides over other solutions. After these introductions, the focus of the panel will be to discuss the common issues being faced by these new platforms, what they are doing to address the issues raised, and what the Django community can do to improve the available hosting options.

If you have questions for the panel, post them on Google Moderator