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Why Does Django Hate Python?

In fine Djangocon tradition we invited Glyph Lefkowitz "front man and agent provocateur" for the Twisted project to give a talk on "Why I hate Django". In response, Glyph has taken the idea and tweaked it a bit. We're excited to announce Glyph's keynote: "Why Does Django Hate Python?"

From Glyph:

I was asked to give a talk about why I hate Django, but as I have learned to use it, I wondered more why Django hated me, and my favorite programming language, Python.

Django makes development of simple websites with Python easy, but it makes development of large, multifunctional sites using Python challenging. From deployment with Ruby (Chef) to handling web and email requests with C (nginx, exim) to handling COMET with Javascript (APE), it seems like everywhere I run into a slightly challenging problem, the Django community tells me to stop using Python and try something else.

In this talk, I will explore all the ways that Django hates Python and wants me to make a hash of my architecture by using code from a dozen other languages, that has to be managed with arcane configuration files rather than testable, documented Python programs. There's hope, though. I will also describe some of the wonderful things that might come from Python world domination. I'll also tell you how you can help, starting with your own site.

Can't wait to hear Glyph's thoughts and to see what changes may come from the feedback!